Social Media Management for Dairy Queen® Franchisees

It can take a lot of knowledge, time, and effort to properly run your DQ® location's social media accounts. BuzzTown Social manages social media accounts for DQ franchise locations so that you can focus on running your business.

Have your social media accounts become ghost towns?

We get it. Running your restaurant can take up most of your time and leave you deciding if you you should spend time with your family, or posting on Social Media. You may also also feel that:


BuzzTown Social manages social media accounts for Dairy Queen Franchises so that the owners can focus on operations and running their business!

Here's how BuzzTown Social can help your Dairy Queen location:

  • Lucy Slotcavage

    It's such a relief to have social media in the capable hands of someone who understands the DQ® system. Langdon is always quick to respond to my questions. He also points out issues that I should be concerned about (such as the hiring post that I created myself and boosted which I accidentally posted to the entire country.

    If you find yourself in a similar situation to my own - you're too busy to handle social media posting and you're looking for someone to handle it professionally, I recommend that you consider reaching out to Langdon and BuzzTown.

    Lucy Slotcavage
    Dairy Queen Franchise Owner, Ephrata, PA

Why BuzzTown Social is the Perfect Partner

As partial owners of several Dairy Queen locations, we already have access to the marketing materials, photos, calendars, and more located in the DQ Hub. Sure, you can find a few new posts there every month, but it seems like there are fewer and fewer every month!

We have been creating websites since the 1990s and know A LOT about digital marketing and social media. Combine our knowledge with our access to the DQ Hub, and we are able to create engaging posts for EVERY day of the year. Yes, we create both Facebook and Instagram posts for every single day.

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